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Special Collections Building

西藏11选5-足球直播After services in the Undergraduate Library are relocated to the new space in the Main Library, the Undergraduate Library building provides the perfect opportunity to bring the Library’s rare and archival collections together in one climate-controlled and secure facility. These special collections include:

  • The Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  • The University Archives including the Student Life and Culture Archives and Sousa Archives and Center for American Music archives
  • The Illinois History and Lincoln Collections
  • The Map Library

西藏11选5-足球直播The following report is from the University of Minnesota’s Director of Archives and Special Collections, who was engaged as a consultant, at the suggestion of the members of the Library’s Special Collections Division, to analyze the feasibility of moving the Library’s special collections into the Undergraduate Library space:

“A New Era for Special Collections” Report

Other resources:
Special Collections Research Center Working Group
Library Consultation Working Group

Page Last Updated: February 22, 2019

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